Staff Development

Language Lessons & Work Placements

Work placements are designed to open up opportunities in the cross-border region for artists, interns, employees and volunteers working in the visual arts.

Improved language skills will support LCP employees’ engagement with audiences and communication with professionals, artists, freelancers, micro-businesses and the employees of other partner organisations.

Over the course of the project, 14 staff from 4 LCP partner venues engaged in language learning activities. This included 3 immersive language-learning trips, in which staff from la malterie undertook work placements with UK partners in order to spend time in an English-speaking environment.

Two employees at Netwerk also undertook work placements. Saskia Ooms travelled to Fabrica to learn more about the Artist Resource programme from Fabrica staff Caitlin Heffernan and Clare Hankinson.

Niels Latomme, the Communication Manager travelled to la malterie and L’H du Siège. At L’H du Siège he observed their educational activities and at la malterie he shadowed Aurélien Delbecq for three days, to learn how they manage their communication strategies. Both work placements were opportunities for Niels to improve his French in an immersive environment.

9 volunteers from Fabrica also undertook a work placement with artist Annemarie O’Sullivan for 3 weeks, during the construction of the exhibition Cluster. It was hands-on experience that gave the volunteers an insight into working on a large scale and to commission for a gallery space. The volunteers gained confidence in working with new materials and the experience increased their ambitions, through demonstrating the potential of their own artistic practices.

View the film of the Cluster exhibition and its production