Kunst & Zwalm Biennial 2011

In September 2011 staff, freelancers and a trustee from Fabrica travelled to Belgium to visit the Kunst & Zwalm 2011 biennial. The aim of the visit was to understand Kunst & Zwalm’s approach to audience development: working with local audiences and promoting tourism in a rural context. It was also an opportunity to meet Kunst & Zwalm staff that had worked on the project and to see the work of the British, French and Belgian artists who had been commissioned for the festival. Whilst there, Fabrica attended a Mini-Conference on Art and Landscape with other partners from Netwerk, la Malterie and L’H du Siege and visited Arpia, a permanent art in the landscape installation.

The visit was also a team building exercise for Fabrica, who camped in the vicinity of Kunst & Zwalm in order to maximise the budget to allow as many individuals as possible to attend. The group hired bikes for the visit and so experienced the festival in the same way as the local population.