Our Exhibitions

Five of our partner venues have regular exhibitions and related events. The sixth partner Kunst&Zwalm, have no physical gallery, but produce a biennial public art exhibition. The 2011 edition was delivered as part of the LCP project.

An important aspect of the exhibition programme has been curatorial exchange between the partners, through regular communication and when appropriate, an exchange of artists for exhibition and residency opportunities. The project will have funded 24 exhibitions by the close of activity in December 2012, each reflecting one of the themes of landscape, cities or people. As part of their creative programming four partners have run residencies that have complemented and informed the LCP exhibitions.

The IRIS website was created as a central resource, with information on all partners including the details of the galleries, exhibitions, projects and events. IRIS was available in three languages (English, French and Dutch) and offered an opportunity to leave comments on the exhibitions and projects, view galleries and be involved in other interactive media.