L’H du Siège

In November 2009 L’H du Siège hosted a skill share, which was attended by Fabrica, aspex, Netwerk and la malterie. L’H du Siège presented the work that they were doing with young people as part of a partnership with the Association of High Schools and Colleges of Valenciennois, through observation and participation in workshops, discussion with L’H du Siège’s education team and a meeting with the teachers and head-teachers that are involved in the project. The partnership with the city allowed the organisation to work quite closely with many schools over a substantial period of time.

L’H du Siège had been working in partnership with schools and colleges in Valenciennes for a few years prior to the start of LCP. At the beginning of the project the organisation received subsidies from the region in order to fund this work, however this funding was cut halfway through the LCP project, which impacted on the amount of work that L’H du Siège could do with this group and led to a reduction schools partnerships.

Before each visit to an exhibition L’H du Siège visited the young people at school to prepare the students by showing them photos of the work of the artists and of other artists’ work that can be used as a reference. They also gave a file to the teacher to help them prepare for the visit.  During the visits to the gallery, the young people took part in a discussion about the work of the artist, and sometimes had the opportunity to meet with the artist or artist in residence and to visit the studios. Over the life of the project L’H du Siège worked with 7 lycées and 9 collèges. Young people from the Student Association of Fine Arts of Valenciennes also assisted with the installation of exhibitions as trainees.