Fact Finding: Multisensory Learning Activities for People with Physical Disabilities, Learning Disabilities and Mental Health Problems 23-24 November 2009
The objectives of the fact-finding were to develop knowledge and practice through sharing current models for working with the target group as an audience for contemporary visual art, to share practice in developing inclusive learning activities and to build relationships between peer professionals. This included presentations from Naomi Kendrick (Artist and Director of Elephant Project) about working with visual impairment in contemporary art, and Tila Rodriguez-Past, Liz Whitehead (both from Fabrica) and Liz Downs (Activities Coordinator, Connaught Day Centre) about working with people with learning disabilities. There was also a visit to Pallant House Gallery in Chichester which included a presentation from Marc Steene, Head of Learning and Community.

Fact Finding: Planning Future Activity 19-21 April 2011
The objectives of the fact-finding were to develop knowledge and practice through meeting relevant professionals and visiting museums with Outsider Art collections and a history of working with the target group, and also to build relationships and develop links with peers through discussing the relevant areas of work within each organisation. Participants from Fabrica, Netwerk and L’H du Siège visited Lille Art Museum, Dr Guislain Museum – Ghent, Meeting Room – Ghent and la malterie. There were also presentations from Annelies Steen from W.ith, an arts organisation working with people with disabilities, and Monika Richards from Permeate, a project that seeks to address a lack of diversity in visual arts organisations.

During LCP Fabrica worked in partnership with the Connaught Day Centre in Hove and Northbrook College in Worthing. The Connaught Day Centre is an organisation that works with adults with physical and mental disabilities, taking them out of care homes to develop daytime activities for them. The workshops with Northbrook College were delivered to 14-17 year olds with special educational needs.  Second Sight workshops led by artist Naomi Kendrick were also run on a regular basis, which explore the Fabrica exhibitions from a multi sensory perspective. These were developed for individuals with visual impairments, though were open to anyone who was interested.