L’H du Siège: School & College Students 12-20

Galerie L’H du Siège, 4 April 2012

The purpose of this event was to discuss the successes and problems encountered by L’H du Siège during their experiences of working with school groups. Teachers, head-teachers and students discussed the work which had been led by the organisation, and staff from L’H du Siège discussed the motivations of teachers who worked on the project, the difficulties that had been encountered and the results of these partnerships. The Director, along with teachers and students also discussed the work that was done during the residency of John Grade, when school groups experienced the creation of the work in situ.

The event was attended by staff and Artist Educators from LCP partners Netwerk, la malterie and Fabrica, though it was also important to L’H du Siège to welcome its professional school partners to the event. L’H du Siège are very proud of the links that have been created with this group and the mini-conference provided an opportunity to discuss the funding problems which L’H du Siège has experienced with its schools work and its plans to alert the region and department to its experiences.