Stig Evans

Stig Evans was the Animateur in June 2010 during the Brian Eno exhibition 77 Million Paintings. He is a painter and conservator fascinated by colour, how we perceive it, respond to it and represent it, as well as by its historical and chemical provenance. The residency explored colour and our relationship to it, inviting visitors to feed into and respond to his research, both online and in the gallery. The residency was embedded in the community through workshops and orgainsed groups, Fabrica also supported the development of a small team of education volunteers to engage the public in the project. Stig Evans also planned and delivered a workshop to a combined group of French and English school children and an Animateur blog was created to give the project further reach, beyond the physical space of the gallery.

Blog:  thecolourdiaries.wordpress.com

Charlie Morrissey/ Andy Ray

Morrissey and Ray were joint Animateurs in August 2010 as part of the Frederick Geurts exhibition, A Fine Line. Charlie Morrissey was invited to run a series of live events and conversation with other dance artists to place movement within the context of the exhibition. His performance programme allowed visitors to engage with themes of the show through the lens of other artists and the conversations held after each performance were a chance for the audience to make connections between the sculptural installation and the medium of dance. Andy Ray’s volunteer-led workshops gave the public an opportunity to participate in free workshops that were based on the core themes of the exhibition.  Through using simple making techniques the public gained greater insight into the work and a closer relationship to the making process.

Blog: www.charliemorrissey.com/writing/endnote/

Jonathan Swain

Jonathan Swain was the Animateur during Martin Parr’s The House of the Vernacular in October 2010, which was part of the Brighton Photo Biennial. At the core of his practice is a celebration of the hidden everyday endeavour and his desire to use the mechanisms of the art world to highlight its significance. Through an investigation of the night workers around Brighton, Jonathan Swain conducted meetings with volunteers to discuss the role of the Night Worker and sought out workers to try to establish a relationship with them. This led to a mobile exhibition of images of the Night Workers held on plaques by the volunteers.  The exhibition was part of the White Night community street festival in Brighton.

Blog: lookedatthisway.blogspot.co.uk

Jessica Curry

Jessica Curry was the Animateur during Janet Cardiff’s exhibition, The Forty Part Motet in April and May 2011. A composer for games, virtual worlds and unusual real-world spaces, Curry’s compositions mix an urban modern edge with a haunting and ephemeral yearning – one that is deeply embedded in the spirit of English classical music. Through the investigation of the function, concept and meaning of choirs, Jessica Curry conducted a series of discussions and workshops with local and community groups as well as the general public, including sound walks in the locality of the gallery.

Blog: achorusline.wordpress.com

Ollie Finn

During July and August 2011, musician and producer Ollie Finn was the Animateur at Fabrica, while Stéphane Cauchy’s Cascade exhibition was installed in the gallery. Ollie Finn explored the idea of ‘filling and emptying’ using laptop sound technology and the human voice, linking with the online music community and the Fabrica building through its acoustics through live, participatory sound events in the building. These explored live looping, which worked with visitor’s responses to the exhibition. Ollie Finn also opened up his work to the online community through his blog.

Blog: MrOllieFinn.wordpress.com

Rachel Henson

Rachel Henson was the Animateur during Melanie Manchot’s exhibition Gathering in October and November 2011. Henson uses photographic flick books as navigational tools, layering them with animation to create imaginary landscapes within a physical journey. Her residency was concerned with the solitary act of walking and the role that peripheral vision plays when we move through space, explored through discussions and workshops. Rachel Henson created a the photo walk ‘Flickers: In the Water’ for members of the local community as part of the White Night festival in October, she also engaged with Fabrica volunteers, running workshops which allowed them access to her working method and practice, as well as hosting gallery-based events.

Blog: www.rachelhenson.com/blog.html

Maria Jastrzębska

During April and May 2012, Poet, Maria Jastrzębska was Animateur at Fabrica. Her residency ran alongside the spring exhibition from The Otolith Group I See Infinite Distance Between Any Point and Another, which uses the sea as a central theme. Maria writes about borders and during the residency explored the idea of the sea as a border between countries, cultures and languages. She ran a series of writing workshops, as well as asking all volunteers and visitors to the gallery to contribute to her project by asking them three questions. This was a way to engage them with the themes of her residency and more broadly, with the themes of the exhibition.

Blog: unquietborder.wordpress.com

Jamie Crawford

The Animateur during Fabrica’s summer exhibition 2012 was storyteller Jamie Crawford. In his practice he draws on traditional tales passed down orally from one generation to another. Many of these stories were, and in some cases still are, told primarily for adults, often as forms of teaching or initiation from elder to younger. His residency ran alongside the exhibition Cluster by Annemarie O’Sullivan, which was a site-specific sculptural installation made of large woven forms. Jamie Crawford explored ideas of weaving stories, through events in the gallery aimed at both adults and children and through a blog.

Blog: loopholestories.wordpress.com