Informal Education

Education and learning are areas in which contemporary art can engage people from diverse backgrounds. Education within the arts offers individuals the opportunity to engage in activities that challenge ideas, encourage curiosity, enable creativity and value difference.

LCP identified 4 target groups for its education and learning programmes. These are socially marginalised groups, individuals with mental or physical disabilities, young people aged 6-12 and young people aged 12-24.  These groups were identified as partners either had specific experience in working with a particular group that they could share with the partnership, or an ambition to develop audiences within one or more of these categories.  In total the partnership delivered over 700 workshops to more than 14,000 participants.

As well as the group mentioned above, partners developed projects with community, local and business groups in order to develop and reach new audiences. Also, at Fabrica and aspex Animateur residencies took place, which facilitated learning and engagement with a broader audience.

Each of the galleries had its own programme of workshops and events focused on improving participation with the target groups. Projects were often undertaken in partnership with schools, colleges, community groups, specialist services and other organisations. Projects included gallery trips and tours as well as artist-led workshops.

A learning report has been produced for each activity, which evaluates the work that the project has completed with target groups and as part of the Animateur programme.

Overall, the LCP project exceeded its planned outputs for this activity.