L’H du Siège

In February 2011 L’H du Siège hosted a meeting aimed at examining different models of cultural tourism in order to help develop future strategies that would be relevant to each partner region.  Each partner presented their situation regarding tourism strategies and the relationship they had with their city or region. This included presentations from cultural mediators and organisations from the town of Valenciennes. During the project L’H du Siège developed contacts with the Culture Department and the Parc National Régional Scarpe-Escaut, Le Phénix theatre, the Comité de Quartier and the network 50° Nord. A partnership was developed with the Office du Tourisme to offer VIP visits to the gallery as a way to develop the tourism sector in Valenciennes  L’H du Siège hopes to build on these contacts and partnerships moving forwards and develop joint strategies with the town of Valenciennes to increase cultural tourism in the area for the future.