la malterie

La malterie established a partnership with Ville de Lille Culture Office. During the Extra exhibition la malterie were included in a promotional document published by the city called “10 exhibitions in Lille this autumn”, and subsequently were featured in every exhibition guide produced by the City. As the exhibition was in the centre of the town, an area popular with tourists, this was an important tool in attracting them to the exhibition. La malterie became a member of the 50°Nord network, featuring in distributed information throughout the cross-border area. Links were also made with Lille Tourist Office, Destination Lille Metropole website and Nord-Pas de Calais Tourism Committee and la malterie had an article printed in A LA UNE, a newspaper distributed to Lille airport and train stations, targeted at business tourists. One way that la malterie found to increase awareness of their activity beyond the region with the aim of promoting tourism, was to organise a free bus from Brussels. The bus took participants on a cultural tour of Lille and Valenciennes. The organisation also took part in a successful region-wide Artist’s Open Studio event and Lille Art Fair.