Mini Conference – April 2010

Mini-Conference 13 April 2010

This meeting was organised by Fabrica and included visits to Blank Studios and Gallery, Blast Theory and Lighthouse, all in Brighton. Partners were introduced to new approaches to working with community groups to foster new partnerships and improve practice.
The Agenda:

  • The attendees visited a ‘Cut & Paste’ event at Fabrica for children under 11, which had been developed in partnership with the Brighton & Hove Children’s Festival.
  • A presentation by Liz Whitehead, Co-Director of Fabrica, on Fabrica’s approach to audience development, including strategies, key partnerships, educational ethos and style of working.
  • A visit to Blank Gallery exploring their approach to locality and working with local community groups.
  • A visit to Blast Theory to investigate and discuss how they use off-site work to engage with local communities.
  • Honor Harger the Director of Lighthouse gave a presentation on Lighthouse directives and development strategies to address working in the new media and technologies sector.
  • A presentation by Kate Gray, Director of Collective Gallery, on One Mile Project. This project was used as a case study to explore approaches to working with local community groups. It was discussed in relation to how it fits with Collective Gallery’s broader philosophy and approach.