Fact Finding – November 2010

Fact-Finding 19 November 2010

This meeting was hosted by la malterie. The objectives were to explain la malterie’s relationship with its locality, especially with organisations in the health and social care sector, to explain la malterie’s relationship with the game agency, to share and discuss experiences with the partners about the differences in working with business groups and social organisations and to exchange on the different impact these relationships have on artists.
The Agenda:

  • Presentation by Mme Guinchard from CREAI, an organisation for social workers, political decision-makers and other professionals in the health and social welfare sector. CREAI has a resource centre which specialises in information on disabilities, child welfare, social disadvantage and exclusion and social development. The aim was to explain to artists how this sector works and to understand the importance of taking specific audience groups into account when developing an artistic project.
  • Presentation of the partnership between la malterie and CHRS ARAS (Centre d’Hébergement et de Réinsertion Sociale), an organisation working in the health and social care sector and a member of CREAI.
  • Presentation of 3Duo’s visit to la malterie and the contact between la malterie artists and this business group. 3Duo is a game agency based in Wazemmes, Lille.