Fact Finding – April 2012

Fact-Finding 17 April 2012

Netwerk, who introduced two interesting organisations working with communities and local businesses, hosted this meeting. The aim was to present the partnership with new possibilities in working with this group, through talks, networks and discussions about the theme.
The Agenda:

  • Visit to the exhibition Fat Birds don’t Fly at Netwerk.
  • Presentation from Rasa Alksnyte on FoAM, a network of interdisciplinary labs for speculative culture. These are used by people with diverse skills and interests – arts, science, technology, entrepreneurialism, cooking, design and gardening – who imagine what the future might be like by conducting a series of artistic experiments that allow alternative perspectives to emerge. By conducting these experiments in the public sphere they invite conversations and the participation of people from diverse walks of life. Their activities vary from smaller food interventions to bigger debates and educational workshops with adults and children. They also have an advisory centre for people from cultural and business organisations.
  • Presentation from Franky Devos from the BUDA Arts Centre in Kortrijk about the project Buda Fabric. The Arts Centre is taking part in developing the BUDA city district into a productive workplace for artists and a hub for creative and enterprising people/organisations. It develops vital partnerships in which artists, makers, companies, scientists and individual thinkers can interact and search for social, artistic and economic innovation. Buda initiates connections between people from different disciplines and backgrounds in the belief that innovation comes from open and vital partnerships between these people. Buda Fabric is not just an organisation or building, but a network of junctions.