New Resource Centres


The documentation centre at Netwerk opened in October 2010. There are a selection of books, magazines and periodicals that are regularly re-sorted and updated and the centre also operates as a shop, where exhibiting artists’ books are sold. The documentation centre also hosts events and lectures.

The documentation cell is the virtual counterpart to Netwerk’s documentation centre. You will find digital versions of journals, a vast collection of texts and an A-Z of artists, performers and organisations that Netwerk has worked with. You can link to it here:

L’H du Siège

The documentation centre opened in March 2012. It primarily consists of files on contemporary visual artists, which are updated regularly to highlight the evolution of their work, though there is also contextual material related to the current exhibition. The fact that it documents the work of current artists makes it a very valuable resource to the local area.

The documentation centre is open three days per week, further details can be found here: centre de documentation