Resource Centres

Artist resource and documentation centres are libraries focused on providing information and tools to aid artists’ professional development and research. They are important not only for artists, but other practitioners/researchers and the galleries themselves.

The LCP project is committed to developing the resources already held at Fabrica, aspex and la malterie and to help develop new resources at Netwerk and L’H du Siège.

Cross –border research on documentation centre development was carried out through fact-findings, each hosted by a different partner:

Aspex: 16 March 2010

Jonathan Parsons gave a presentation on aspex’s Artists’ Resource Centre (ARC), focusing on the region-wide nature of the project and the research outcomes of the work related to artists’ needs.

L’H du Siège: 5 October 2010

L’H du Siège discussed the development of their new resource centre. This fact-finding also sought to find ways to develop communication and exchanges amongst the managers of each LCP partner’s documentation centre, in order to develop the network.

Netwerk: 9 June 2011

Partners visited the Library of Muzee, where they received a presentation from librarian Els Milh about the process of setting up a library, the difficulties of organising a catalogue and the library’s collection. This was followed by a discussion between the partners about their own resource centres.

La Malterie: 15 November 2011

This was a networking opportunity for partners and artists from every region.  Fabrica and aspex provided travel bursaries so that UK artists could attend studio visits and exhibitions with artists working in the studios at la malterie. The aim was to increase cross-border mobility through developing knowledge of the different working environments in France and Belgium, build relationships between artists and visual arts organisations, and build relationships between artists.