Short Residencies – la malterie

Mathilde Lavenne  & Matt Rowe (25 May – 18 June 2010)
French artist Mathilde Lavenne and British artist Matt Rowe undertook a residency at la malterie, designed as a laboratory.  Each developed new skills through the many experiments that took place, led by the materials, photography and through drawing.

Elizaveta Konovalova & Ekaterina Vasilyeva (2 May – 26 June 2011)
For both of the two Russian artists this was their first experience of working collaboratively. However through a constant dialogue which became part of their process, work was generated that could not have been conceived in any other context. The residency also provided the opportunity to make contacts with French artists, including through work done in collaboration with L’H du Siège, and present the work that they were doing to local young people.