Coup de Pouce

Marine Class (January – April 2010)
During her residency Marine Class created an installation of small-scale sculptures on a painted floor and a series of drawings. Her wooden sculpture of a church coming out of the floor of the studio was a representation of architecture typical to the area of Valenciennes. The work was presented in her studio to a series of educational and community groups and at an Open Studio event coinciding with the preview of François Guibert’s exhibition, at which she discussed her creative process with visitors.

Mélanie Berger (April – June 2010)
During her residency Mélanie Berger created 6 video animations and 60 drawings, which were shared with educational and community groups in the studio and at an Open Studio event during the Tout à Coup of Samuel Buckman. One of the animations relates directly to the studio space in which it was created. Mélanie Berger was selected by aspex to be part of their RSPV exhibition which ran from 1 May – 27 June 2010, this residency provided her with the opportunity to make new work for this exhibition.

Sandra Aubry & Sébastien Bourg (April – June 2011)
During their residency the artists created a sculpture/ installation in the studio. L’H du Siège organised visits from different groups including teachers and students from secondary schools and groups with physical and learning disabilities and socially marginalised groups. On 24 and 25 June 2011 there was an Open Studio during the Tout à Coup event of Gwendoline Robin and the closing of Xavier Geneau’s exhibition. They also took part in an exchange with artists in residence at la malterie.

Filomena Borecka (January – April 2011)
During her Coup de Pouce residency, the Czech artist created an audio-visual installation, which was shared with visiting groups and at her Open Studio event on 6 May during the preview of Xavier Geneau’s exhibition and displayed in the court at L’H du Siège until 19 May. The installation was made with fabric used in the construction of hot air balloons, representing breath. The artist gained many new contacts during the residency, which it is hoped will be beneficial to her future career. The residency was a collaboration with Escaut & Acier, who organise the sculpture festival Escaut, Rives, Dérives which takes part in Northern France and part of Belgium. The festival ran from 19 May to 18 September 2011.

Hélène Néraud (January – March 2012)
During her Coup de Pouce residency Hélène Néraud created an installation in the studio working with plastic sheeting, experimenting with the colour and weight of a material not commonly used in artistic practice.  Different groups visited the work in progress and on 9 March the studio was open during Thierry Géhin’s preview at l’H du Siège.

Maïté Pouleur (April – June 2012)
The residency of Maïté Pouleur was in partnership with the CRP (Centre Régional de la Photographie) under the theme of emerging territories. During the residency she created a photography exhibition with schools around Valenciennes, photographing people in their own neighbourhoods in the town of Bruay sur L’Escaut. On 23 June the public were welcomed to her studio during the Tout à Coup of Freya Hattenberger in the gallery.
image copyright: Maïté Pouleur