L’H du Siège, la malterie and aspex have hosted artist residencies during the LCP project. These aim to develop the artist’s skills and competencies with audiences and markets in relation to their practice and aim to help artists improve their language skills and make new professional contacts.

The Coup de Pouce residency is a way of establishing a link between l’H du Siège, the city and its population. A study grant is offered to a young artist for a 3-month residency to encourage the development of an artistic project. During this time different groups visit the artist in the studio at l’H du Siège, these include schools, colleges and socially marginalised groups. During the residency a studio is at the disposal of the artist.

The Short Residencies at la malterie give young artists from different countries an opportunity to exchange and experiment around a common project, and to develop their professional competencies.

Aspex recruited two artists to illuminate the question ‘What Next for Culture in Portsmouth?’ The artists were offered the chance to develop their own professional practice, which was showcased in the gallery.