Below are a selection of training opportunities run by each organisation aimed at artists’ professional development:


  • Artist as Educator – Lee Simmons 27/10/09: This was day long event for artists working in educational contexts, it involved practical tips for structuring workshops and an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences.
  • A Brief Guide to Working in Europe and Internationally by Emilia Telese 06/04/11


  • Proposal Writing 24/04/10
  • Working Internationally: Artist’ Opportunities across the EU 25/06/10
  • Making More of Your Making! 03/07/10: A workshop with Lorna Dallas-Conte, Creative Business Advisor, giving artists practical tools to help engage an audience in their ‘making story’
  • An Essential Checklist for Making Applications 19/01/11
  • Mastering the Artist’s Statement with Emilia Telese 30/03/11
  • Photographing Your Work, Part 1: A Maker’s Perspective with Lin Cheung 25/05/11
  • Photographing Your Work, Part 2: Selecting and Formatting Images: Follow Up With Jonathan Parsons 01/06/11
  • ARC WORKSHOP: The Art of Self Promotion, with Alison Baverstock 29/09/11

la malterie

  • Residencies Meeting 27/01/10: How to apply for residencies in France and the cross-border area.
  • Professional Status for Young Artists 24/03/10: The creation of professional status for art students, taxes and the social status of artists.
  • Learning for Artists 31/03/10: French copyrighting, French and British royalties systems and how to protect an artwork.
  • Learning for Artists 02/04/10: French status of artists in the visual arts, the development of business skills, how an artist can be paid by French and foreign organisations.
  • The Development of Visual Arts Projects in the Health and Social Care Sector 20/09/10
  • The Professional Status of French Artists 06/10/10
  • French Copyrights and the Ways to Protect and Artwork 28/10/10
  • The Production and Distribution of Artworks 14/12/11
  • The Differences of Status Between French and Belgian Artists 07/04/11
  • Grants in the Visual Arts 18/05/11
  • The Status of French Visual Artists and Writers 17/10/11
  • Using WordPress 03/11/11
  • Learning about Accounting 05/12/11