Participatory Art and Social Practice, Portsmouth University, 27 October 2011

There is a cross over, partly due to public funding priorities in the UK, between art practice, gallery education and some aspects of social work. In the context of the University social work department, artists and arts producers investigated the connections between participatory art and social practices and how they are vulnerable to instrumentalism beyond their own inherent values. Gallery education is an emerging profession, for example, shaped by artists and publicly funded organisations, but it is potentially subject to the agendas of national and local government. As notoriously unquantifiable as the outcomes of culture are, when it is the subject of government subsidy it is forced to find routes by which to justify itself. Emergent forms of participatory practice seem to fulfill that need, but what if their outcomes diagnose problems that artists alone can’t solve? This conference sought to explore these issues.

Objective 1:    Developing skills and knowledge of visual arts professionals
Objective 2:    Building capacity for continued engagement beyond the life of the project
Objective 3:    Developing sustainable professional networks and resources


10:30 Introduction and welcome from Amy Lloyd and Jonathan Parsons (aspex)
10:45 Keiron Hatton (Portsmouth University, Social Work Course) – Creativity and Social Pedagogy
11:15 Annabel Tremlett – Finding a Space: Academia and Community
11:32 Artist Intervention 1: Delaine Le Bas –  Art as Activism

12:15 Lunch

13:30 Amy Lloyd – Art as Diagnosis
14:10 Artist Intervention 2: Ania Bas – Dissolution of Hierarchies
14:30 Discussion chaired by Oliver Sumner (Director, Delta Arts/ Freelance Curator & Educator) Panel of Artists – Delaine Le Bas, Barby Asante & Ania Bas
15:50 End

A video link to all parts of the conference, can be accessed by following the link below:

This event was attended by all project partners